Trip toSt Jude's and Arusha

 Today Jeanette and I attended the lunchtime meeting for Arusha Rotary Club. 

It was actually a Board meeting but the entire club and visitors are all welcome..

A very interesting concept of involvement. Jeanette had attended 2 years ago and she briefly updated them on TIB. 

They are involved in a Christmas market this weekend.....managing the gate.

Again a rotaractor was present at the meeting and she is actually on staff here at St Judes and volunteering on Saturday so we are looking to join her.

We come home next week. Pam

A message from

International Director Pam

pam and jeanette in arushka.jpg

I may not have been an attendee at the Board meeting tonight...but still in service, making Christmas bows here in the Rotary kitchen at the School of St Jude's in Tanzania for the Christmas wrapping with Julie Williams until we have run out of ribbon.



pam jeanette christmas.jpg